How on Earth Do Illinois Bats Communicate With Each Other? Can We Hear It???

Like other Joliet mammals, bats have specific natural phenomenon and mechanism to communicate with their environment. They actually are able to produce sound with a frequency over 100,000 waves per second that is hugest one by any specie on the planet. Bats have particular mechanism of producing and hearing sounds. They all talk with each other in voice like songs, screeches and high frequency. There are many research reports over bat communication in environment they live in.

By Frequency:

It is the best and most decent mechanism followed and used by Joliet bats. However, most bats choose this way to communicate because of their listener have same abilities to listen to high frequency sound. Bats generally produce sound frequency from 20 to 20,000 waves per second. But, they have natural ability to produce a sound with frequency more than 100,000 waves in a second. Bats use frequency to communicate mutually in their colony.

Songs and Screeches:

Many species of Illinois bats avoid producing and listening to high frequency sound. They use some types of screeches and songs which the listeners listen clearly. You can listen to these sounds in bat colony. However, bats give preference to use their biological sonar to produce sound as well as communicate with their colony.

Sound Reflection:

Some species of bats have an ability to produce sound and reflecting it. Scientific research has discovered that bats have very poor visibility due to small eyes. So, they produce high-pitched sounds with maximum frequency. The sound reflects after striking with objects in ways of bats. So, bats keep changing their routes of flying by understanding sound reflection.

Communicating Organs:

Most of the people think ears and mouths of Illinois bats are involved in producing high pitched and frequency sound. In fact, bats use their nose and mouth to produce such sound for communication. Listeners use their ears to accept this high frequency sound and realize the message.

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