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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Joliet! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Joliet, IL. With over a decade of experience behind us, you know that you can put your faith in our ability to remove wild critters from your home, and then protect it from future attacks. And it’s not just homes that we’re fully trained, licensed, and insured for — we also have commercial liability insurance to make sure that your business property is safe. Our friendly and experienced wildlife control operators are available around the clock, and an appointment can be made by giving our friendly telephone staff a call. They’re also on-hand around the clock. Whether it’s a teeny-tiny problem, such as a mouse, or a much bigger catastrophe, such as a venomous snake, we’ve got the right tools for the job, and we could be at your property in a matter of hours. Call us now at 708-390-3133 for your Joliet wildlife control needs.

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Dead animal removal, inside and outside.

Joliet snake removal and prevention.

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Joliet Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Most Humane Ways to Kill a Trapped Joliet Raccoon to Give a Peaceful Death

Raccoon inside a cage may look pitiful and helpless however you should that an Illinois animal still owns an ability of causing damages after getting released. Thus, you may consider to solve the issues forever if you kill it. Of course, there exists none of the humane way to kill an animal but the main thing is the method you use to kill it must be less inhumane than others.

Out of these methods, some are mentioned below:

Using sword or knife to kill in-cage Joliet raccoon

It is possible to use the sword or knife for killing Illinois raccoons inside cage. Portion of its body where you use the weapon determines how it is going to die. If it is cut right at its rib cage, closer to heart or liver, it won't die with much struggle. However, be careful to not put the toes or fingers around cage while you kill the animal with knife or sword to avoid biting.

Take the animal to wool for dying there

To take animal to wool is another way of killing it however it isn't considered humane because animals may dehydrate, or struggle to life. But, for those people who don't know about handling firearm and can't behold animal's struggle for life while killing it using sword, to take it to wool for dying away will be okay.
Drowning Joliet Raccoon inside a Cage

To drown a Illinois raccoon inside the cage is a highly famous way which most of the people usually use for killing an Illinois animal. However, it isn't a humane method as raccoon would have to do struggle before dying fully inside the water. But, if there's no other option left to work on, you can go for it still.